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My Services

I provide short term and ongoing one-one counselling sessions. Here the client has the opportunity to share and explore anything that is worrying them or that they would like to change.

What I can help with: anxiety, depression, school refusal, bullying, anger management, cancer, obsessive compulsive disorder, behaviour problems, post traumatic stress disorder, early trauma and its effects, attachment issues, separation anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, sexual identity, relationship difficulties, separation/divorce, reconstituted families, bereavement and psychosomatic disorders or symptoms.


Fees -£60-70

I also offer group therapy sessions for young people and parents. The types of groups that I provide are for exam stress/anxiety, assertiveness groups for girls and building good mental health.

Also, in the future there will be workshops for families to learn more about how to help their children to build positive emotional wellbeing.

Fees - provided on request 

There are times when a child might not want to attend counselling but the parent might find it helpful to to have someone to talk to about their concerns and how they could help their child. I offer both short and long term therapy to parents.


Fees -£60-70

        Parent / Family Consultation
Would you like to be a happier and closer family? Need help to resolve problems and improve communication? During the consultation your family will have the opportunity to share and decide together how you would like to move forward as a family. Together we will explore, resolve difficulties and find a way forward.

Fees - £130-£200 depending upon number of people (60 minute session)

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